Study of Cast-in-Place High-Strength Concrete Made with Silica Fume, Alumina-Type Mineral, and Fly Ash


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Title: Study of Cast-in-Place High-Strength Concrete Made with Silica Fume, Alumina-Type Mineral, and Fly Ash

Author(s): M. Kakizaki, K. Okamoto, and T. Takano

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 91


Appears on pages(s): 1185-1214

Keywords: admixtures; air-entraining agents; aluminum oxide; concretes; consistency tests; fly ash; high-strength concretes; mineral admixtures; mix proportioning; plasticizers; silica; slump tests; temperature; water content; workability.

Date: 2/1/1986

Three kinds of inorganic mineral admixtures (silica fume, alumina-type mineral and fly ash) were mixed with cement and aggregates and having water-to(cement + condensed admixture) ratio using high-range water reducing agent. This study clarified both the properties of fresh concrete and adequate concrete mix proportions. This test was made by dividing eight factors and three levels among the orthogonal array of L27, based on test plan method. (1) Flowability using fly ash concrete and alumina-type mineral concrete is increased with increase in dosage of admixture, but that of silica fume concrete is decreased. (2) In order that concrete slump with various admixtures have the same flowability at a slump of 18cm (for concrete without admixture), at a certain dosage of admixture (X1.6), the slump value is about 21cm with silica fume concrete, about 6cm with fly ash concrete and about 16cm with alumina-type mineral concrete. (3) Fly ash concrete and alumina-type mineral concrete show more segregation of aggregate. Silica fume concrete shows less with the passage of time. (4) Unit water content for all cements and aggregates can be determined by ordinary mix proportion. (5) Air-entraining-agent content required to get the same air content increases with increase in the amount of mineral admixture and superplasticizer.