Production and Utilization of Fly Ash in Italy


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Title: Production and Utilization of Fly Ash in Italy

Author(s): G. L. Valenti, R. Cioffi, and R. Sersale

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 91


Appears on pages(s): 741-762

Keywords: Blaine method; calcium oxides; cements; chemical analysis; fly ash; lime; mechanical properties; mortars (material); particle size distribution; pozzolans; strength.

Date: 2/1/1986

The fly ashes produced in Italy generally show good pozzolanic behaviour. Tests made on lime and cement mortars have shown that 4 of the 5 ashes give comparable or even superior performance to that of a natural pozzolan usually employed in the production of portland pozzolan cements. The chemical characteristics were: Si02 42.7-50.2%; Si02+A1203 66.5-77.2%; Si02+A1203+Fe203 75.8-83.5%; loss on ignition 3.9-12.9% and CaO 1.8-9.3%. The calcium oxide content is the parameter that greatly influences the technical behaviour. Glass content ranging from 63 to 75% does not have a dominant influence on mechanical strength. The particle size distribution, rather than the fraction <45pm determines the mechanical characteristics.