Weathering Tests on Epoxy-Bonded Steel Concrete Open Sandwich Beams


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Title: Weathering Tests on Epoxy-Bonded Steel Concrete Open Sandwich Beams

Author(s): K. C. G. Ong and M. A. Mansur

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 165


Appears on pages(s): 83-100

Keywords: Adhesives; beams (supports); bending; bonding; cracking (fracturing); ductility; epoxy resins; flexural strength; loads (forces); reinforcing steels; sandwich structures; shear strength; tests; weathering

Date: 12/1/1996

An experimental investigation was carried out on a total of 72 simply supported open sandwich beams in flexure under two symmetrical point loads. The beams were reinforced with 1.5 mm thick grit-blasted steel plates bonded to the concrete with a suitable epoxy resin adhesive. The major parameters investigated include the duration of exposure and the amount of sustained load. The results of these tests are presented and discussed in this paper. Test results indicate that for the type of adhesive selected, use of a double layer of adhesive in which the first layer has been allowed to harden for 24 hours before application of the second provides adequate bond strength under sustained loading up to 5 years of outdoor exposure. A steel surface which has been thoroughly degreased and metal grit-blasted appears to be a suitable preparation for the open sandwich beams.