Hybrid RC Frame-Steel Wall Systems


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Title: Hybrid RC Frame-Steel Wall Systems

Author(s): Y. L. MO and S. F. Perng

Publication: Special Publication

Volume: 196


Appears on pages(s): 189-214

Keywords: Hybrid system, RC frame, steel wall, corrugated steel plate, seismic performance, ductility, dissipated energy, hysteretic loops, horizontal force-displacement relationship.

Date: 10/1/2000

Reinforced concrete buildings with shearwalls are very efficient to resist earthquake disturbances. In general, reinforced concrete frames are governed by flexure and shearwalIs are governed by shear. If a structure includes both frames and shearwalIs, it is generalIy governed by shearwalIs. However, the ductility of ordinary reinforced concrete framed shear walls is very limited. To improve the ductility, this paper describes experiments on framed shearwal I s made of corrugated stee I, and the experimental results are compared with ordinary reinforced concrete frames and shearwalls. It is found that the ductility of framed shearwalls can be greatly improved if the thickness of the corrugated steel wall is appropriate to the surrounding reinforced concrete frame. If the thickness of the corrugated steel wall is too large when compared to the surrounding frame, the ductility will be reduced. It is also shown in this paper that the fiber-reinforced plastic composites can be used to strength the critical sections of the reinforced concrete frames, so that the seismic behavior (including ductility and dissipated energy) is improved.