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Title: Physico-Mechanical Properties and Load Transfer Efficiency of RCC Pavement

Author(s): Antonio Nanni, Dennis A. Ludwig, and James E. Shoenberger

Publication: Materials Journal

Volume: 93

Issue: 4

Appears on pages(s): 356-361

Keywords: cracking; density; joints; load transfer; roller-compacted concrete (RCC); rolling; strength; vibratory hammer; weight.

Date: 7/1/1996

In an RCC demonstration project that consisted of a 1525 ft-(465-m)-long roadway and a 100 x 39-ft (30 x 12-m) parking lot, the effect of several construction parameters on physico-mechanical properties of the pave-ment and the load transfer efficiency at its joints and cracks were investigated. This paper reports experimental results on lay-down and final densities as affected by paver speed and rolling pattern, the strength of laboratory-made specimens using the vibratory hammer method as a function of mixes with slightly different aggregate gradations, cracking patterns at 7 months from construction as affected by saw-cut joint spacing, and load transfer efficiency at natural cracks and saw-cut joints. Overall, the results fall within the expectations of the program and confirm the suitability of current construction practices for RCC paving applications.


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