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Title: Structural Models Evaluate Behavior of Concrete Dams

Author(s): Jerome M. Raphael

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 57

Issue: 3

Appears on pages(s): 1111-1128

Keywords: none

Date: 3/1/1961

An unusual arch and buttress dam was proposed as one possible design for the 750 x 5000 ft Oroville Dam. A plaster-celite, 1:200-scale model was cast in Fiberglas molds to duplicate the central portion of the dam. Live load tests were performed on the dam, simulating the uniformly increasing water pressure by a series of rubber bags under stepped pneumatic pressure. The controI apparatus is described, and the results of the water load tests are given. A new method of dead load testing was devised by which the construction stresses as well as the dead load stresses of the completed dam could be de- termined. Dead load stresses are shown for various stages of construction, as well as the stresses under combined live and dead loads. The technique for dead load testing offers opportunity for checking the stresses in concrete dams under various proposed construction programs and should be especially useful for controlling the construction of the overhanging portions of doubly-curved arch dams.


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