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Title: Studies of Autogenous Volume Change in Concrete for Dworshak Dam

Author(s): Ivan E. Houk, Jr., Orville E. Borge, and Donald L. Houghton

Publication: Journal Proceedings

Volume: 66

Issue: 7

Appears on pages(s): 560-568

Keywords: aggregate gradation; cement content;compressive strength; concretes; cooling; fineness; fly ash; mass concrete; mix proportioning; portland cements; pozzolans; pumice; shales; shrinkage; slags; strains; stresses; volume change.

DOI: 10.14359/7381

Date: 7/1/1969

The autogenous volume change was measured in mass concrete mixtures having cementing materials, portland cement, and pozzolan, ranging from 222 to 302 lb per cu yd ( I32 to 179 kg/m3 l Some concrete contained pozzolans replacing 30 percent of the portland cement by absolute volume and others contained no pozzolan. One mixture contained a 50 percent pozzolan replacement. Seven pozzolans from a wide range of sources were used. Observation periods have extended to 3 years. This investigation was performed in connection with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ design of Dworshak Dam, North Fork Clearwater River near Orofino, Idaho.