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Title: Characterization of Novel Natural Fiber Reinforced Strain Hardening Cementitious Composites

Author(s): N. Prem Kumar, J. Maheswaran, M. Chellapandian

Publication: Materials Journal



Appears on pages(s):

Keywords: alkaline treatment; mechanical characterization; microstructure analysis; natural fibers; strain hardening cementitious composites

DOI: 10.14359/51740783

Date: 5/7/2024

In this research work, efforts to develop a sustainable natural fiber-reinforced strain-hardening cementitious composite (NFSHCC) mixture are attempted. The key objective of the present study is to develop and characterize the NFSHCC mixture prepared using plant-based fibers such as pineapple, flax, kenaf, and hemp. First, the raw natural fibers were pre-treated using an alkaline NaOH solution to remove the biodegradable properties such as wax, lignin, etc. Using the treated natural fibers, the NFSHCC mixture was produced for a detailed mechanical and morphological characterization. Results reveal that flax fiber-based SHCC could develop the characteristics of artificial fiber-based SHCC, such as high tensile strength and large ultimate strain limits. Specifically, the flax SHCC specimens showed a large tensile strength and ultimate strain values of 10.3MPa (1.49 ksi) and 2.5% respectively. Moreover, the micro-structural characterization using field emission scanning electron microscope analysis (FESEM) revealed excellent matrix-fiber bonding which eventually led all NFSHCC samples to exhibit better mechanical properties on par with the commercial fibers.