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Title: Seismic Effect of Reinforcement around Circular Opening in Reinforced Concrete Beam

Author(s): Koshiro Nishimura and Sujan Pradhan

Publication: Structural Journal



Appears on pages(s):

Keywords: crack control; opening; reinforced concrete beam; shear capacity; upper bound theorem

DOI: 10.14359/51740576

Date: 2/14/2024

In this study, five RC beam specimens with transverse web openings and one specimen without opening were prepared. Diagonal steel bars were arranged around the web openings in beam specimens so as not to fail at the section with the opening. The specimens were subjected to static cyclic reversal shear loads of double curvature, and those specimens failed in shear at a different part than the section with the web openings. This paper provides a simple model of the relationship between stress in the diagonal reinforcement around the openings and the applied shear load considering the shrinkage of concrete. Moreover, an evaluation method of the ultimate shear capacity of the beam using the upper bound solution of the limit analysis was also provided. These models showed good agreement with the test results. The study contributes to the crack control and the safety of reinforced concrete beams with openings.