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Title: Alternative Punching Shear Design Methods for Concrete Slabs on Rectangular Columns

Author(s): Graeme J. Milligan, Maria Anna Polak, Cory Zurell

Publication: Structural Journal



Appears on pages(s):

Keywords: column aspect ratio; design codes; elongated supports; finite element analysis; punching shear; rectangular columns; reinforced concrete slabs; slab-wall connections

DOI: 10.14359/51739194

Date: 10/1/2023

Worldwide punching shear design provisions for interior slab-column connections subjected to concentric shear differ greatly in how to account for column rectangularity (aspect ratio). In some, a reduced nominal shear capacity along the critical perimeter is assumed, whereas an effective or reduced critical perimeter is assumed in others. In this paper, three alternative methods to estimate the concentric punching shear capacity of interior rectangular slab-column connections without shear reinforcement, which implicitly account for the influence of column rectangularity and the ratio of the minimum column dimension to the effective slab depth, are presented. The accuracy of the proposed methods is studied through comparisons to 76 nonlinear finite element models and 86 experiments. The predicted punching capacities from the proposed methods and ACI 318-19 are also compared.