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Title: Shear Friction Strength of RC Walls with 700 MPa Reinforcing Bars

Author(s): Sung-Hyun Kim, Hong-Gun Park

Publication: Structural Journal



Appears on pages(s):

Keywords: Grade 700 MPa [101.5 ksi] bar, shear friction strength, shear wall, cyclic loading

Date: 9/13/2022

Recently, the use of 700 MPa [101.5 ksi] rebars was permitted for the shear design of special walls in the current design code. In the present study, to investigate the effect of 700 MPa [101.5 ksi] reinforcement on the shear friction strength of RC walls, five wall specimens were tested under cyclic lateral loading. For the test parameters, interface roughness, vertical reinforcement ratio at boundary element, and use of flange wall (two flanges or single flange) were considered. The test results showed that the shear friction strength of walls with 700 MPa [101.5 ksi] rebars was greater than the ACI 318-19 shear friction strength. Particularly, in the wall with a low vertical reinforcement ratio (0.27%), the peak strength was greater than the shear friction strength corresponding to the actual high yield strength (700 MPa [101.5 ksi]) of vertical rebars. Further, the vertical rebars in the flange wall significantly increased the shear friction strength. The current ACI 318-19 design method and an improved model were evaluated based on the existing test results, including the present study.


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