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Title: Towards Developing a Mechanistic Design Procedure for Pervious Concrete Pavements

Author(s): Somayeh Nassiri; Othman AlShareedah

Publication: CRC



Appears on pages(s):

Keywords: mechanistic, design, concrete, pavements, structural,

Date: 10/5/2017

In order to develop a mechanistic design methodology for PC pavements, the structural behavior of PC needs to be investigated. In this project, the in-situ structural evaluation of PC pavements is combined with an extensive experimental mechanical material characterization as well as flexural fatigue testing. The end result is to set forth a layer thickness database for PC pavements with different structural features to serve different levels of traffic loads. To incorporate a wide selection of commonly used PC mixtures, the study parameters include two different aggregate types and two cement contents. To incorporate the effect of field installation in terms of compaction level, the specimens from each mixture are cast in three levels of target porosity. Additionally, sufficient specimens are cast to allow for fatigue testing at three ratios of the applied cyclic stress to the flexural strength (SR.) This report presents the current status of the project tasks and the remaining research work and their expected completion dates.


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