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Title: Hard and Soft Projectile Impact Simulation of Prestressed Concrete Panels

Author(s): Seong Ryong Ahn and Thomas H.-K. Kang

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 347


Appears on pages(s): 249-260

Keywords: impact resistance, finite element analysis, prestressed concrete, hard projectile, soft projectile.

Date: 3/1/2021


Impact resistance of concrete panels has been researched since the 19th century. Studies therein primarily focused on conventionally reinforced concrete and steel fiber-reinforced concrete. Little research on the impact resistance of prestressed concrete exists. This paper investigated the impact resistance of prestressed concrete panels subject to hard and soft/hollow projectiles and under an assortment of prestressing levels. Damage mode, velocity change, impact force, and internal energy were measured and analyzed. A total of twelve finite element analyses, which considered high strain rate effects, were performed, as well as preliminary analyses with different mesh sizes. It is observed that level of prestressing tends to improve perforation resistance of concrete panels. Additionally, large deformation at soft projectiles occurred during impact, consuming the greater internal energy of the projectiles, unlike hard projectiles. As a result, soft projectiles caused a smaller degree of local failure on the concrete panels than hard projectiles with the same mass and velocity.


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