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Title: Ductility and Performance Assessment of Glass FiberReinforced Polymer-Reinforced Concrete Deep Beams Incorporating Cementitious Composites Reinforced with Basalt Fiber Pellets

Author(s): Ahmed G. Bediwy and Ehab F. El-Salakawy

Publication: Structural Journal

Volume: 118

Issue: 4

Appears on pages(s): 83-95

Keywords: basalt fiber pellets; deep beams; ductility; glass fiber-reinforced polymer (GFRP)

Date: 7/1/2021

The purpose of this study is to assess the feasibility of using a non-metallic basalt fiber (BF) pellets to enhance the ductility of glass fiber-reinforced polymer (GFRP) reinforced concrete deep beams. In addition, the ability of BF pellets to supplant conventional web reinforcement was evaluated. To achieve the goals of this study, seven large-scale concrete deep beams reinforced with GFRP headed-end bars were constructed and tested to failure under three-point loading over a span of 1390 mm. The beams had a rectangular section of 250 x 590 mm with overall length of 2100 mm. Experimental variables included the volumetric percentage of BF pellets and transverse web reinforcement. The addition of fibers improved the post-peak behavior by increasing the ductility index by more than 50%, when compared to the counterpart control beam. The results provide support for replacing conventional web reinforcement in deep beams with a layer containing BF pellets in the tie zone.


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