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Title: Development and design of smart textile reinforcement for concrete pipes

Author(s): Goezdem Dittel, Kira Heins, Thomas Gries

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 345


Appears on pages(s): 128-142

Keywords: leakage sensor, sensory carbon fiber, strain sensor, structural health monitoring, TRC water pipe

DOI: 10.14359/51731576

Date: 2/1/2021


There is a great demand in the world for low-cost and functional pipeline systems due to the renovation requirements of pipes in use and the continuous development of new settlements. Previously used pipeline systems made of steel reinforced concrete are economical and sufficiently resistant. However, due to the corrodibility of steel reinforcement and to enable sufficient crack reduction, large wall thicknesses and thus heavy constructions are required. Textile reinforced concrete (TRC) eliminates these disadvantages by enabling the production of light and thin-walled structures.

The aim of this research is the development of a concept for the realization of smart pipes made of sensory TRC by using the advantages of lightweight, thin-walled structures, focusing on the production process. Based on different warp knitted textile variations with different coating concentrations, preliminary tests were carried out using the fourpoint bending test. As a result of the preliminary tests, the textile variation of counterlaid tricot with a maximum coating concentration was selected as a suitable reinforcing material for the concept development. Concepts for the production of smart TRC pipes are developed accordingly. As a result, a casting mold and process were created which allowed a production with reduced diameter and depth of pores and concentric positioning of the reinforcement structure.