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Title: Application of Special Reinforcement Arrangements for RC Members under Torsion – Design Examples

Author(s): Constantin E. Chalioris, and Chris G. Karayannis

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 344


Appears on pages(s): 92-110

Keywords: torsion; reinforced concrete; spiral reinforcement; Fiber Reinforced Polymers; steel fibers; stirrups

DOI: 10.14359/51728292

Date: 10/1/2020

Recently the use of special reinforcement arrangements has been extended in reinforced concrete members under torsion. These arrangements include (a) continuous rectangular spiral reinforcement, (b) epoxy bonded Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (C-FRP) sheets as external transverse reinforcement and (c) short steel fibers as mass reinforcement. In this study an extended experimental program of 14 beams tested under torsion is presented. All specimens have the same geometrical characteristics but different transverse reinforcement arrangements. Six beams are used as pilot specimens; three of them have no transverse reinforcement and three have conventional steel stirrups. Further, two specimens have continuous steel spirals; four specimens have steel fibers as mass reinforcement and two specimens have externally bonded C-FRP sheets. The torsional behavior of these specimens is presented and compared to the behavior of the pilot specimens. Discussion and explanatory design examples about the application of these reinforcements are also included.