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Title: Optimization of partially prefabricated HyFRC slabs

Author(s): Zani, G.; Colombo, M.; Failla, C.; di Prisco, M.

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 343


Appears on pages(s): 215-224

Keywords: Elevated slab; HyFRC; SFRC; fiber-reinforced concrete; precast concrete; prestressed concrete; structural optimization


Date: 10/1/2020

A new partially prefabricated elevated slab has been recently introduced in two different industrial buildings, to propose a viable alternative to the classical double tee deck with the addition of an in-situ RC topping. The solution is characterized by an adjustable spacing in the orthogonal direction, 40 mm thick FRC plates used as predalles and a cast-in-place FRC finishing, designed according to a continuous slab resting on the simply-supported beams. The proposed deck is a structural solution that tries to fit different issues like construction speed, transport and cost reduction, structural optimization, high fire resistance (R120) and quality performance. All elements are made of SFRC, characterized by different mix designs. This paper presents a design investigation on this kind of floor element, aimed at optimizing the global structural solution by minimizing the whole floor weight. Longitudinal and transverse bending, as well as vibration limit state, were considered in the design. The optimization strategy will be here presented, through the discussion of the parameters considered in the design, the variables taken into account and the constraints adopted within the procedure. A Model Code 2010 design approach was followed.