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Title: Effect of reinforcement configuration on the ductility requirements of real-scale slabs

Author(s): Galeote, E.; Blanco, A.; de la Fuente, A.

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 343


Appears on pages(s): 143-152

Keywords: FRC, real-scale tests, ductility, design optimization, crack width

Date: 10/1/2020

The use of fibres has proved to be a competitive solution since they might replace partially or totally the rebar reinforcement. Nevertheless, the main drawback that faces the use of fibres is the lack of experimental evidence concerning the performance of elements under flexural stress in the presence of different reinforcement configurations. Given that flexural tests are conducted in standardized specimens with fibres as the only reinforcement, it is important to determine the response of larger elements, whose test configuration and behaviour may be more representative of real structures. In this regard, this research focuses on the characterization of full-scale elements and analyse their response following the ductility design philosophy of the fib Model Code 2010. For this, five slabs that are 400 mm deep, 1000 mm wide and 3000 mm long were manufactured with different contents of fibres and rebar configurations. These elements were tested under flexural conditions and analysed in terms of strength and ductility. The influence of the reinforcement configuration on the number of cracks appearing and their average width was also assessed. The results indicate that the content and type of fibres proposed did not meet the minimum ductility requirements when only fibres were used as reinforcement. Conversely, the slabs with hybrid and only traditional reinforcement verified the ductility criteria in varying degrees.


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