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Title: Concrete Q&A: Cover Requirements for Pipes and Ducts in Concrete and Cement Requirements for Exposure Class S2


Publication: Concrete International

Volume: 42

Issue: 9

Appears on pages(s): 68


Date: 9/1/2020


Q: Our company was recently awarded the contract to build a post-tensioned parking structure. The construction documents include a typical detail showing that reinforcing bars are to be no closer than 1 in. from embedded pipes, ducts, or sleeves. This requirement creates a constructability challenge. Is it based on technical publications published by ACI? The specified maximum aggregate size is 3/8 in. Q: According to Table in ACI 318-19,1 a Type V cement is required for Exposure Class S2, while footnote [6] allows the use of a Type I or Type III cement with C3A content of less than 5%. How about a Type II cement if it has a C3A content of less than 5%?


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