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Title: The Mechanical Properties of Alkali-Activated Slag-Silica Fume Cement Pastes by Mixing Method

Author(s): Taewan Kim, Choonghyun Kang

Publication: IJCSM

Volume: 14


Appears on pages(s):

Keywords: mixing method, mixing time, mixing sequence, mechanical properties

Date: 7/30/2020

The mixing method is the investigation of the characteristics of alkali-activated cement paste (AACP) with slag and silica fume (SF) of 1: 1. The basic mixing method is ASTM C305, which is defned as 1st-cycle. There are three factors considered in this experiment; (i) the addition of mixing time (2nd-cycle), (ii) the concentration of activator depending on the amount of mixing water, and (iii) the mixing sequence of slag and SF. It was found that the second cycle, the additional mixing time, had the efect of improving the mechanical properties. In addition, accelerated activation through the mixing of slag with a high concentration of alkali solution in the 1st-cycle increases the hydration products and decreases the porosity and increases the mechanical properties. Therefore, it was found that the change of the mixing method in the AACP composed of slag and SF 1: 1 has a great infuence on the mechanical properties. As a result, the method of frst mixing slag in aqueous solution of high alkali concentration in AASC mixed with slag and SF improves the mechanical properties.

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