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Title: Impact Resistance Design of Porosity-Free Concrete Beams Strengthened with Aramid Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Sheet

Author(s): Yusuke Kurihashi, Katsuya Kono, Eiki Yasuda, and Masato Komuro

Publication: Structural Journal

Volume: 118

Issue: 1

Appears on pages(s): 101-111

Keywords: aramid fiber-reinforced polymer (AFRP) sheet strengthening method; impact resistance capacity; porosity-free concrete; steel fiber

Date: 1/1/2021

In this study, an impact resistance design method for steel fiber-reinforced porosity-free concrete (PFC) beams strengthened with aramid fiber-reinforced polymer (AFRP) sheets was established using static and impact loading tests. The influence of the loading method on the deformation behavior of the beams was investigated, and it was determined that the maximum deflection under impact loading can be estimated using the load-deflection curve calculated under static loading. Then, a performance-based impact resistance design concept was demonstrated using the magnitude of the tensile strain in the AFRP sheet as a performance index. By establishing an impact resistance design method for the FRP sheet-reinforced PFC members based on this study, it is possible to improve the impact resistance of concrete structures subject to impacts from falling rocks, debris flows, flying objects, and so forth.


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