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Title: Effect of Lamellar Inorganic Fillers on the Properties of Epoxy Emulsion Cement Mortar

Author(s): Huabing Li, Jiandong Zuo , Biqin Dong and Feng Xing

Publication: IJCSM

Volume: 14


Appears on pages(s):

Keywords: lamellar inorganic fillers, epoxy emulsion cement mortar, aspect ratio, chloride diffusion coefficient

Date: 5/31/2020

Lamellar inorganic fillers have been used to improve the performance of polymer composites. In this paper, five kinds of lamellar inorganic fillers, including montmorillonite (MMT), mica, talc, glass flake (GF) and lamellar double hydrox-ide (LDH), were selected to modify epoxy emulsion cement mortar (EECM). The research evaluated the effects of the structure characteristics of lamellar fillers on the mechanical properties, water absorption and chloride ion permeabil-ity resistance of EECM, with comparison to granular ground calcium carbonate (GCC). Results indicated that lamellar fillers had no obvious superiority than GCC in the mechanical strength of EECM, even MMT caused the decline of the mechanical strength. However, lamellar fillers had improved the chloride ion permeability resistance of EECM compared with GCC, and they had the similar effect on reducing of water absorption except MMT. Although the low aspect ratio (AR) of the lamellar fillers benefited the increase of the strength and water resistance of EECM, the lamel-lar fillers with higher AR could improve the chloride ion permeability resistance of EECM more efficiently.

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