Properties of Ternary Cement Pastes with Nanosilica and Rice Husk Ash


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Title: Properties of Ternary Cement Pastes with Nanosilica and Rice Husk Ash

Author(s): Daniel da Silva Andrade, João Henrique da Silva Rêgo, Moisés Frías Rojas, Paulo Cesar Morais, Maria José de Souza Serafim, and Anne Neiry Lopes

Publication: Materials Journal

Volume: 117

Issue: 1

Appears on pages(s): 233-242

Keywords: nanosilica; portland cement; rice husk ash; silica fume; synergistic effec

Date: 1/1/2020

The present study reports on the pioneering addition of rice husk ash (RHA) and silica fume (SF) into portland cement-based (PC-based) materials, combined with nanosilica (NS), aiming to assess the impact of the RHA on the mechanical and microstructure properties of ternary mixtures. Pastes were prepared to perform compressive strength tests, thermal analysis (DTA/TG), infrared spectroscopy, and mercury porosimetry. The highest reduction in the calcium hydroxide index (CH.I) and the highest calciumsilicate- hydrate (C-S-H) formation are found in the PC-based ternary mixture containing NS plus SF and NS plus RHA after 91 days of hydration. In line with the aforementioned trends, the ternary mixtures containing NS show the highest compressive strength values and reduction of mean diameter of porous. Indeed, we found strong evidence of synergistic effect in ternary mixtures incorporating NS plus RHA or SF, thus supporting their use in fabrication of cementitious materials.


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