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Title: Concrete Q&A: Using Threaded Deformed Reinforcing Bars as Anchor Rods

Author(s): Donald F. Meinheit and Loring A. Wyllie Jr.

Publication: Concrete International

Volume: 41

Issue: 7

Appears on pages(s): 75-76


Date: 7/1/2019


Q: We are planning to use threaded reinforcing bars as anchor rods for connection of base plates (of steel or precast columns) to cast-in-place foundation elements. We intend to specify that the bars are supplied with threaded heads. In ACI 318-14,1 it seems that the design of headed reinforcing bars could be governed either by Chapter 25—Reinforcement Details or Chapter 17—­Anchoring to Concrete. However, the headed reinforcing bars shown in the commentary of Chapter 25 appear to be used in joints of concrete elements (for example, a beam framing into a wall or column) and subjected primarily to tension forces. In our application, the bars will anchor steel or precast elements to concrete and are subjected to tension forces, shear forces, or both. Can we use the provisions in Chapter 25 to design the anchor rods?


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