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Title: Polymeric Microspheres Provide Resistance to Harsh Winter Conditions

Author(s): Edward (Ted) G. Moffatt and Michael D.A. Thomas

Publication: Concrete International

Volume: 41

Issue: 1

Appears on pages(s): 36-41

Keywords: air, freezing and thawing, admixture, scaling

Date: 1/1/2019

Issues with providing an optimum air entrainment in concrete can be eliminated using dimensionally stable particles known as microspheres. In this article, performance test data for concretes produced with polymeric microspheres are compared against test data for concrete produced with a conventional air-entraining admixture. While wider use of microspheres in concrete has been hindered by production and logistics costs, the authors believe they could be cost effective for applications that require highly reliable protection against freezing-and-thawing damage.


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