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Title: Micromechanical Tensile Behavior of Slurry Infiltrated Mat Concrete with Inclined Fibers

Author(s): Sary A. Malak and Neven Krstulovic-Opara

Publication: Materials Journal

Volume: 116

Issue: 2

Appears on pages(s): 69-80

Keywords: energy methods; fiber-reinforced concrete; high-performance construction materials; metal fibers; micromechanical modeling; slurries; tensile stress-strain relationship

Date: 3/1/2019

This paper presents a micromechanical energy approach model that builds upon models previously developed for aligned fibers predicting slurry infiltrated mat concrete’s (SIMCON) behavior in tension at first crack and ultimate strength for the general orientation of fiber mats in terms of the critical fiber/matrix interfacial parameters. SIMCON is a new high-performance fiber-reinforced concrete (HPFRC) made by infiltrating continuous steel fiber-mats with cement-based slurry. What distinguishes this material from other fiber-reinforced composites is that the fibers have flexible longer individual lengths that can be placed at specific orientations depending on the appropriate applications, resulting in higher interfacial debonding energies. These characteristics are best suited for repair and new construction for structural retrofits that require a predetermined orientation of the fibers to optimize the design and enhance the material resistance to high-blast pressures applied at different directions to the structural elements.


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