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Title: Effects of Alkali-Silica Reaction on Concrete Squat Shear Walls

Author(s): Farhad Habibi, Shamim A. Sheikh, Frank Vecchio, and Daman K. Panesar

Publication: Structural Journal

Volume: 115

Issue: 5

Appears on pages(s): 1329-1339

Keywords: alkali-silica reaction; nuclear power plants; reinforced concrete; seismic performance; shear capacity; squat shear wall

Date: 9/1/2018

Results from testing two shear walls made with normal concrete and three walls with concrete containing reactive aggregate causing alkali-silica reaction (ASR) are presented. To accelerate the ASR and deterioration of the concrete, the walls were stored in an environmental chamber, specially constructed with the capacity to store large specimens in a controlled high temperature and high-humidity condition. Shear walls were tested in three stages to investigate the effect of ASR over time. These walls were tested under reversed cyclic lateral loads while at the same time subjected to constant axial load simulating earthquake loads. Small companion specimens revealed that ASR caused free expansion of approximately 0.23%, but the load capacity of the walls was not adversely affected. The performance of the walls, however, deteriorated significantly over time with respect to ductility and energy dissipation capacity. The absorbed strain energy capacity of the ASR shear wall at full exhaustion was approximately 25% of that of the regular concrete wall and the displacement ductility was reduced by approximately 30% due to ASR.


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