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Title: Environmental Benefits of Using Glass Powder in Manhole Production

Author(s): J.-M. Lessard, J. Cloutier, A. Tagnit-Hamou, B. Amor

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 320


Appears on pages(s): 19.1-19.14

Keywords: Concrete, Glass powder, LCA, Life Cycle Assessment, Metakaolin, Supplementary cementitious material, Underground manhole

DOI: 10.14359/51701057

Date: 8/1/2017

Approximately 14,000 underground manholes (UM) are used for the connection and maintenance of the electricity distribution network in Quebec (Canada). These underground reinforced concrete structures are subjected to an aggressive environment (moisture, salts, acidity, temperature) leading to premature deterioration of the concrete and corrosion of the rebar. Replacing 20% of the mass of the ordinary Portland cement (OPC) by glass powder (GP), with or without 9% of metakaolin (MK) in their concrete mixture is a promising approach to improve their durability while giving an added value to the mixed glass waste. The environmental benefits of such mixtures have been modelled using life cycle assessment (LCA). The results show that using 20% of GP in UM production reduces life cycle damage to human health, ecosystem quality, global warming and non-renewable resource consumption by 37%. An additional 9% of MK lowered these reductions by 44%.