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Title: Feasibility Study of Steel Slag Aggregates in Precast Concrete Pavers

Author(s): M. J. Da Silva, B. P. De Souza, J. C. Mendes, G. J. S. Brigolini, S. N. Da Silva, and R. A. F. Peixoto

Publication: Materials Journal

Volume: 113

Issue: 4

Appears on pages(s): 439-446

Keywords: environmental characterization; permeable pavements; portland cement concrete; precast paving blocks; steelmaking slag

Date: 7/1/2016

Proposed herein is the use of steelmaking slag as aggregates (SSA) for precast concrete elements used as permeable paving blocks (pavers). For this study, SSA was subjected to segregation of metallic and nonmetallic fractions—the latter being used in the present work. The SSA had its particle size distribution adjusted. Subsequently, it was physically and chemically characterized. Five mixtures were designed: four with SSA and one with natural aggregates as a reference mixture. The pavers built were characterized physically (expansion, morphology, porosity, water absorption, void content, and absolute density); environmentally (leaching and dissolution); and mechanically (compression and flexural strength). As result, SSA pavers showed physical, mechanical, aesthetic, and environmental characteristics significantly similar to the conventional ones, indicating its technical and environmental feasibility.


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