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Title: Frost Damage Mechanism and Durable Pervious Concrete Design

Author(s): Zhifu Yang

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 282


Appears on pages(s): 1-16

Keywords: Curing and compaction, damage mechanism, freeze and thaw, mixture proportion, pervious concrete

Date: 12/27/2011

Frost damage can be a significant problem for pervious concrete structures in the cold climate. Various damage mechanisms have been developed to explain the frost damage in conventional concretes. However, limited studies have been attempted to correlate these mechanisms with pervious concretes. This paper reviews the physical aspects of frost damage and the main factors (e.g. the degree of saturation, the permeability of paste, the length of flow path, and the rate of freezing) that contribute to the deterioration of concrete upon freezing with the goal of using these mechanisms to explain the experimental observations obtained from the pervious concrete. This paper also compares the differences in freeze and thaw deterioration between pervious and conventional concretes. A variety of test results from different pervious concrete mixtures and construction practices are analyzed, which would aide in identifying the optimal mixture design and construction procedures to achieve durable pervious concrete structures.


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