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Title: Development of Frangible Concrete to Reduce Blast-Related Casualties

Author(s): Edward F. O’Neil, Weiguo Shen, Hamlin M. Jennings, Jeffrey J. Thomas, and Toney Cummins

Publication: Materials Journal

Volume: 109

Issue: 1

Appears on pages(s): 31-40

Keywords: aggregate gradation; dynamic loading; frangible concrete; frangibility index; ground-granulated blast-furnace slag; high performance; microcracking.

Date: 1/1/2012

A new high-performance material known as frangible concrete was developed with the goal of eliminating the potential for lethal-sized fragments of broken concrete when a structure is impacted by a dynamic load, such as the blast force from a terrorist vehicle bomb. Based on a strategy of developing concrete with moderate, quasi-static, load-bearing properties and high frangibility under dynamic loading conditions, the investigation made use of the shrinkage and fracture properties of cement and slag binders, along with the proper choice of aggregate and aggregate gradations. The development process included designed experiments to optimize mixture proportions against compressive strength and laboratory-scale impact tests followed by the manufacture of concrete masonry units (CMUs) for testing a wall under full-scale field blast conditions.


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