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Title: Predicting Concrete Compressive Strength Using Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity and Rebound Number

Author(s): Qindan Huang, Paolo Gardoni, and Stefan Hurlebaus

Publication: Materials Journal

Volume: 108

Issue: 4

Appears on pages(s): 403-412

Keywords: compressive strength; model selection; nondestructive testing; pulse velocity; rebound number

DOI: 10.14359/51683113

Date: 7/1/2011

As a general index of concrete strength, the compressive strength of concrete fc is important in the performance assessment of existing reinforced concrete (RC) structures. Many nondestructive testing methods have been developed to estimate the in-place value of fc. In particular, the combination of rebound hammer and ultrasonic pulse velocity tests, known as SonReb, is frequently used. With the SonReb measurements, regression models are commonly applied to predict fc. The available regression models are not sufficiently valid, however, because of the limited range of data used for their calibration. This paper proposes a probabilistic multivariable linear regression model to predict fc using SonReb measurements and additional concrete properties. The Bayesian updating rule and the all possible subsets model selection are used to develop the proposed model based on the collected data with a wide range of concrete properties. The proposed model is compared with currently available regression models, concluding that the proposed model gives, on average, a more accurate prediction.