Freezing-and-Thawing Durability of Pervious Concrete under Simulated Field Conditions


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Title: Freezing-and-Thawing Durability of Pervious Concrete under Simulated Field Conditions

Author(s): Zhifu Yang

Publication: Materials Journal

Volume: 108

Issue: 2

Appears on pages(s): 187-195

Keywords: deicing salts; fiber reinforcement; pervious concrete; silica fume; slow freezing and thawing; wet-dry cycles

Date: 3/1/2011

This research investigates the durability of pervious concrete under simulated field conditions, including slow cyclic freezing and thawing, wet-dry environments, and salt applications. Specifically, this research examines the effects of materials and proportions and curing conditions on the freezing-and-thawing durability of pervious concrete. Generally, air curing causes a dramatic reduction in the freezing-and-thawing durability as compared with water curing. Silica fume additions are observed to improve the performance of water-cured pervious concrete during slow freezing and thawing while causing a significant drop in the performance of air-cured specimens. Polypropylene fibers are seen to enhance the resistance of pervious concrete to repeated freezing and thawing, whereas salt applications are noted to aggravate the deterioration. In addition, wet-dry cycles are found to slow down the freezing-and-thawing damage development when the duration of the wet cycle is less than 3 days.


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