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Title: Chemical Damage to Airfield Concrete Aprons From Heat and Oils

Author(s): Michael C. McVay, Lee D. Smithson, and Charles Manzione

Publication: Materials Journal

Volume: 90

Issue: 3

Appears on pages(s): 253-258

Keywords: airports; aprons; chemical attack; concrete pavements; heat transfer; scaling; runways; Materials Research

Date: 5/1/1993

The Department of Defense has seen an increase in airfield concrete apron distress in the form of surface scaling when exposed to cyclic heat, spilled lubricants, and/or hydraulic fluids. Chemical analysis of the damaged concrete reveals that the spilled fluids are undergoing hydrolysis (breakdown) accompanied by the consumption of calcium hydroxide, and hydrated silicate and aluminate phases. The damage was reproduced in the laboratory on 3 ft by 4-in. (10.2-cm) thick slabs during 5 weeks of exposure to lubricants and cyclic heat. Use of penetrating sealants, coatings and/or neutral pH concretes are suggested for pavements exposed to this environment.


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