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Title: Numerical Modeling of Textile-Reinforced Concrete

Author(s): R. Chudoba, B. Möller, K. Meskouris, B. Zastrau, W. Graf, and I. Lepenies

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 250


Appears on pages(s): 149-160

Keywords: anisotropic damage; crack bridge model; fiber bundle model; fuzzy methods; multi-scale simulation methods; shell structures; stochastic methods

Date: 3/1/2008

Textile-reinforced concrete (TRC) imposes several special requirements on the applicable simulation methods. TRC is highly heterogeneous at several levels of material structures and, therefore, it exhibits a very complex failure process. Examples of interacting effects are the strain localization due to local failure mechanisms in the yarn, bond, and matrix. As a result, except for standard features, the developed models must be able to reproduce discontinuities of the displacement fields, reflect the irregularity of the material structure, special kinematics relations, and the size effect induced either statistically or energetically. This paper reviews the modeling strategies developed and applied in research and development of TRC in the collaborative research centers in Aachen and Dresden.


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