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Title: Finite Element Analysis and Practical Modeling of Reinforced Concrete Multi-Bin Circular Silos

Author(s): Can Balkaya, Erol Kalkan, and S. Bahadir Yuksel

Publication: Structural Journal

Volume: 103

Issue: 3

Appears on pages(s): 365-371

Keywords: bending moment; finite element; force; loading; silos.

Date: 5/1/2006

Stress resultants in overlapping wall regions (intersection walls) of multi-bin circular silos require a significant computational effort to determine forces due to structural continuity. This paper presents a practical equivalent beam model for computing design forces along the silo walls when subjected to various internal and interstice loadings. The equivalent beam model of intersection wall was developed based on the effective length concept, and verified in a comprehensive series of finite element (FE) analyses of a cluster of four silos for various silo-wall thicknesses. The influence of wall thickness on hoop forces and bending moments acting on interstice and external walls were also examined, and simple empirical expressions were presented for design applications. The proposed beam model yields an accurate estimation of bending moments and hoop forces with a maximum 7% deviation compared with those obtained from detailed FE models.


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