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Title: On-Site Evaluation of Bridge Deck Expansion Joints

Author(s): Moussa A. Issa, Brenda Robinson, Moshen Shahawy

Publication: Symposium Paper

Volume: 164


Appears on pages(s): 561-584

Keywords: Bridge decks; control joints; joint sealers; performance.

Date: 11/1/1996

To assist bridge engineers in the State of Florida in selecting expansion joint systems, the Florida Department of Transportation/Structural Research Center (FDOT/SRC) concluded a two year bridge expansion joint evaluation program. This program consists of three components: I) Performance Evaluation, 2) Load Test Evaluation, and 3) Installation & Maintenance Evaluation. The test elements include seals. compression seal joints, strip seal joints, and buried joint systems. Twelve (12) joint suppliers volunteered to participate in the program. A total of seventeen (17) joints (or seals) were installed in eight (8) bridges on I-95 in Saint Lucie County, District IV. All bridges in the test program have prestressed concrete AASHTO girders and concrete deck slabs. All the bridges had armored compression seals at the end bents. In general, the test joint systems or seals were installed at the end bent joints (replacing the original material). The original design joint opening at 70 "F was one inch (1") for the end bent joints. Using criteria recommended by FDOT engineers and the Structures Design Guidelines, the SRC evaluated the test expansion joint sealants or systems. This paper presents the results of the test program. Also, it provides guidance concerning the selection of expansion joint systems for both new and existing bridges.


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