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Title: Analysis of Partial Substitution of Cement with Marble and Granite Powders in Concrete Production

Author(s): Filipe Figueiredo, Gabriela Figueiredo, Eriton Botero, Nathalia Figueiredo, Lino Maia

Publication: Materials Journal

Volume: 119

Issue: 6

Appears on pages(s): 211-219

Keywords: marble and granite; mechanical resistance; residues

DOI: 10.14359/51737196

Date: 11/1/2022

The civil construction industry is characterized as the main consumer of natural resources. However, it has great potential in terms of using industrial residues and by-products in the production of construction materials. Within this context, this study seeks to examine the use of processed marble and granite residues (MGR) generated by the ornamental stone industry as a partial substitute for cement in concrete. To accomplish this, MGR replacements of 5, 7.5, and 10% in relation to cement mass were tested. In terms of the mechanical properties of compressive strength and tensile strength in the produced concrete, the samples with replacement of 5 and 7.5% obtained results that outperformed the reference concrete. On the other hand, the concrete absorption test for the 10% replacement yielded greater results than the pilot sample. In general, this study demonstrates the technical viability of partially substituting cement with MGR in concrete production.