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Title: Seismic Performance of Varying Aspect Ratio Full-Scale Concrete Walls

Author(s): Gloria Faraone, Tara C. Hutchinson, Roberto Piccinin, and John F. Silva

Publication: Structural Journal

Volume: 119

Issue: 6

Appears on pages(s): 19-34


Date: 11/1/2022

Earthquake-induced damage to concrete shear walls will manifest in the form of cracks and spalled regions. This damage will naturally influence the performance of anchors installed in the wall face. Conversely, anchors could affect the crack pattern developing in walls. To study the relationship between anchors and shear walls subjected to seismic-induced damage, two identical full-scale reinforced concrete shear walls with low aspect ratios were designed and tested under equivalent seismic loads. One of the walls was tested absent axial load to investigate the effect of compression on wall damage. Both walls exhibited appreciable deformation capacity and significant energy dissipation. Buckling and rupture of the longitudinal reinforcing bars after diagonal cracking and concrete crushing resulted in mixed shear-flexure failure modes. Results from these tests are compared with prior tests on a flexure-dominated wall, with particular attention given to the attained displacement ductility. Finally, the strut-and-tie and shear strength models used to estimate wall strength and failure mode demonstrate consistent comparison with the experimental results.


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