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Title: Seismic Behavior of Frames with Special-Shaped Concrete-Filled Steel Tubular Columns and H-Shaped Steel Beams

Author(s): Yuanlong Yang, Weiqi Yang, Xin Tang, and Guozhong Cheng

Publication: Structural Journal

Volume: 119

Issue: 3

Appears on pages(s): 29-42

Keywords: finite element analysis; frame; nonlinear static analysis; pseudo static test; seismic behavior; special-shaped concrete-filled steel tubular column

Date: 5/1/2022

A pseudo static test of four special-shaped concrete-filled steel tubular column to H-shaped steel beam plane frames (SCFSTF) was previously conducted by the authors and a typical strongcolumn/ weak-beam failure mode was determined. The degradation in strength and rigidity were minimal and the energy dissipation capacity and ductility of frames were adequate, demonstrating excellent seismic performance. Besides, energy dissipation capacity and horizontal resistance were improved with axial load ratio increasing within the parametric range of this test. Based on the test results, an investigation on seismic performance of SCFSTF with fiber model and nonlinear static analysis method was developed. The fiber model of SCFSTF specimens was established with OpenSEES software and the simulation results agreed well with the test results. The load-displacement hysteretic curve, skeleton curve, and plastic hinge formation of SCFSTF were accurately predicted. Based on a parametric analysis, the effects of compression ratio, beam-to-column stiffness ratio, and beam-to-column resistance ratio on the seismic behavior of SCFSTF were analyzed and moreover corresponding design suggestions were proposed. Besides, two design models (a nine-story residence and a 14-story dormitory) of SCFSTF were designed with structural analysis software ETABS. The two design models of SCFSTF meet the seismic fortification target according to the Chinese standard “Code for seismic design of buildings,” which proved that the SCFSTF structure has good seismic performance and can be used in engineering practices.


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