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Title: Influence of Penetrating Sealer on Performance of Concrete Joints

Author(s): Goran Adil, John T. Kevern, and Danny X. Xiao

Publication: Materials Journal

Volume: 118

Issue: 5

Appears on pages(s): 65-74

Keywords: absorption; chloride penetration; concrete joint; contact angle; hydrophobicity; penetrating sealer

Date: 9/1/2021

Penetration sealers are an economically viable technique to reduce water and aggressive substance ingress into concrete, and ultimately extend service life under harsh conditions. This paper discusses a laboratory investigation to assess the effect of rate and application timing of a variety of penetrating sealers on saw-cut concrete. Sealer types included pore lining, pore blocking, and pore refining in addition to surface coating. Testing included absorption, contact angle, and chloride-ion penetration performed on mortar and concrete specimens. Results show sealers significantly reduced water penetration, as expected, with higher rates of application generally resulting in less absorption. Two applications of sealer applied at half the recommended dosage rate produced better performance than a single application at the full dosage rate, even for hydrophobic sealers such as silane. Of the sealers tested, solvent-based and water-based produced the greatest reduction in absorption and chloride penetration. The results show that sealers applied in the appropriate condition and concentration can greatly extend the time to critical saturation by reducing the absorption rate, significantly reduce chloride ingress, and potentially increase the service life of concrete or provide extra protection.


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