Acoustoelastic Response of Concrete under Uniaxial Compression


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Title: Acoustoelastic Response of Concrete under Uniaxial Compression

Author(s): Carnot L. Nogueira and Kevin L. Rens

Publication: Materials Journal

Volume: 116

Issue: 3

Appears on pages(s): 21-33

Keywords: acoustoelastic-induced anisotropy; acoustoelasticity; concrete acoustoelastic response; mechanical properties; Murnaghan parameters; ultrasonic pulse velocity

Date: 5/1/2019

Experiments were conducted to evaluate the acoustoelastic behavior of concrete under uniaxial compression. In the first part of the paper, third-order acoustoelastic parameters were experimentally determined for 14 specimens made with 10 different mixtures (nine concretes and one mortar) using ultrasonic pulse velocity measurements of waves propagating perpendicularly to load direction. In the second part of the research, acoustoelastic stress-strain relations, based on Murnaghan third-order parameters determined in the experiments, were used to model concrete behavior and to evaluate changes in concrete elastic properties. Results demonstrate the relevance of the acoustoelastic effect in concrete mechanical behavior and proves that concrete becomes anisotropic due to the acoustoelastic response (acoustoelasticinduced anisotropy).