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Title: Brazilian Results on Structural Masonry Concrete Blocks

Author(s): Rodrigo Piernas Andolfato, Jefferson Sidney Camacho, and Mácio Antonio Ramalho

Publication: Materials Journal

Volume: 104

Issue: 1

Appears on pages(s): 33-39

Keywords: concrete block; masonry; mixture

Date: 1/1/2007

The purpose of this paper is to study the mechanical behavior of concrete blocks and prisms when performing axial compression tests within the Brazilian base of knowledge, intending to foment data of this kind for a world-based network. The blocks were built using five different mixtures in which the quantity of cement and the compacting ratio (density) were varied (during the fabrication process). The three-course-high prisms were assembled using 1 cm (0.39 in.) thick full-bedded joints, always trying to leave the mortar’s characteristics constant. The axial compression tests were conducted according to Brazilian practice code recommendations, because most of these standards are very similar to international practice codes. The compressive strength, strains, and rupture form of each mixture studied were recorded. Attempts were made to correlate the strength, efficiency ratio (block strength/ prism strength) of the prisms, strains, and rupture form; with the quantity of cement and compacting ratio. The data are presented in tables and figures, and the obtained results are discussed throughout the text.


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