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Title: Hydrodemolition for Removing Concrete

Author(s): James Warner

Publication: Concrete International

Volume: 20

Issue: 8

Appears on pages(s): 47-50

Keywords: concrete removal; hydroblasting; hydrodemolition; surface preparation


Date: 8/1/1998

Hydrodemolition removal of concrete involves impingement of a discrete blast of water under very high pressure in a controlled manner. The concrete is disintegrated into small rubble from surface impact of the water, and pressurization of internal pores, cracks, and voids. Advantages include selective removal without bruising damage of remaining concrete, removal speed, relative quietness, freedom of dust and vibration, and easily handled small size rubble. Disadvantages include necessity for handling large amounts of water, deposition of residue requiring further cleaning, and areas of lower strength or lesser quality concrete being uncontrollably cut excessively deep, and possible disintegrated for full thickness.


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