ACI Journal Manuscript Submission

Submitting Contributions to ACI Periodicals

How to submit contributions

Submit all contributions offered for publication to:

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact:
Angela Matthews
American Concrete Institute
(248) 848-3748

Authors are required to sign a copyright release. Consideration will not be given to manuscripts also submitted to other prospective publishers.

If you would like to submit the copyright transfer agreement form electronically, you must have the full Adobe Acrobat program. Complete each field and type your name in the signature line. Do a "save as", renaming the pdf. Please do not "save" the pdf and email it to us, as it will be a blank form. Once you type your name in the signature line, you must then state in the e-mail that you typed your name in the agreement, and are thereby accepting the terms of the agreement.


Generally, the maximum acceptable length of a paper for Concrete International is 5000 words or word-equivalents and 10,000 words or word- equivalents for the journals. As an approximation, each full double-spaced typewritten manuscript page of text, each table, or each illustration is equal to 300 words. For the text portion, all words (including articles) are counted. Appendixes or other supplementary material referred to in the text can be filed permanently at ACI and made available to interested readers. Such material is not included in the word count of the published paper.

Summary Paper

A summary paper is a paper not more than 2400 words or word-equivalents summarizing longer reports published and available from a source other than a readily available periodical. The author should send two complete copies of the published report with the summary for information of the reviewers and for permanent file at ACI headquarters. A double-source footnote should indicate where copies of the full report may be obtained and also the fact that when the supply is exhausted it may be obtained from ACI headquarters at the cost of reproduction. Permission for such reproduction should accompany the contribution.


Discussions must reach ACI headquarters before the deadline date. Except for symposium volumes, discussions appear in the periodical where the original contribution was published. Discussion of symposium papers appears in the appropriate journal. Because of deadlines, all discussion contributions must be complete and in compliance with all requirements to be considered for publication. Discussions should be brief: 1800 words or word-equivalents, including illustrations and tables, is maximum. Illustrations and tables count as 300 words each and should be submitted on individual sheets. Captions for figures should be submitted as a list on a separate sheet. Do not repeat references cited in the original paper, cite them by original number. Discussions should be about the paper, not some new or outside work on the same subject. Use references wherever possible instead of repeating available information. The author's closure should be related to the discussion received. If a closure is received within its specified deadline, the discussion and author closure will be published simultaneously. That will conclude the discussion on the published manuscript.

*To obtain a copy of Instructions to Authors and submission procedures for manuscripts, or if you desire additional information, phone (248) 848-3753, or fax (248) 848-3701.

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