Reducing Joint Damage Caused by Deicing Salts

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Reducing Joint Damage Caused by Deicing Salts

February 4, 2020 to February 4, 2020
Starting Time:   1:00 PM 
End Time:   2:00 PM 

Sponsor(s): American Concrete Institute

Reducing Joint Damage Caused by Deicing Salts – David Rothstein, Jason Weiss (1:00 – 2:00 PM EST)

Concrete pavements and exterior flatwork generally provide excellent performance in all climates and exposures. Concrete durability is an essential component in delivering the return on investment that makes concrete an economical and sustainable material. In recent years, the industry has seen an increase in premature deterioration at joints and saw cuts in concrete pavements and flatwork in areas where winter storm events demand the application of deicing chemicals, which are most commonly chloride-based.
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