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Investigating and Characterizing Soils for Use in Local Road Concrete Pavement Design
by Brian M. Killingsworth, National Ready Mixed Concrete Association

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Design and Construction of Concrete Streets and Local Roads (ACI Fall 2019 Convention, Cincinnati, OH) While long-term concrete pavement performance is known to be somewhat insensitive to foundational soil or base strength, understanding the characteristics of the foundation is still a critical function in the design process. Many designers are unsure about what may be needed in the geotechnical investigation, how to interpret the results from the investigation, and/or how it may affect or influence the selection of the most functional pavement cross section. With these issues in mind, this session will cover what should be included in the geotechnical investigation, which laboratory tests are necessary and how the results affect the design, and how other field and lab results may be interpreted so that specifications and details are properly developed.

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May 24 - 30

Nano Silica-Enhanced Pavements—Paving the Way for a More Durable Concrete
by Whitney Le Belkowitz, Intelligent Concrete

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Issues and Potential Solutions for Achieving Uniform Dispersion of Nanoparticles in Cementitious Composites and Concrete for the Laboratory and Field (ACI Fall 2020 Convention, Virtual Sessions) The purpose of this presentation is to review a colloidal silica technologically used in a ready-mixed concrete to increase the resistance to the damaging effects of winter season freeze-thaw cycles and deicing salts and brines. The nano-enhanced concrete (NEC) needed to be easy to batch and place as conventional concrete. Particularly, it had to develop fresh and hardened properties suitable for all construction sites and applications. The colloidal silica mix gives properly placed and cured concrete a significantly higher ultimate compressive strength with a substantially decreased permeability. Ultimately, the ready-mixed concrete producer wanted to deliver a tougher concrete surface and substrate that had decreased permeability. The end result translated directly to greater resistance to the damage caused by freeze-thaw conditions and heavy deicer applications.

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