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Verifi—The Ready Mix View
by Kirk Deadrick, ARGOS

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Measurement and Control of Workability in Concrete In-Transit Mixers (ACI Spring 2019 Convention, Québec City, QC, Canada) This presentation covers practical experiences with in-transit concrete management systems for ready mix concrete production. Topics will include impact of system on organization, benefits of the system to a ready-mix producer as well as some challenges to implementation. Key points will be how these systems impact the quality of the concrete and increase visibility to all stakeholders in the production process.

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April 6 - 12

Standardization, Guide Development and Long-Term Durability of Fiber Reinforced Polymers (FRP): An Overview of FRP Advancements through ACI Activities
by John Myers, Missouri University of Science and Technology

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Hot Topic Session: Do We Have a Sustainable and Scalable Material to Address Carbon Steel Corrosion Once for All? (ACI Fall 2019 Convention, Cincinnati, OH) The major challenge to the durability of reinforced concrete structures exposed to chlorides is the corrosion of the carbon steel reinforcement. The current-state-of practice utilizes different strategies to address this problem such as: use of admixtures or supplemental binders in the concrete mixture and increase of cover or surface protection by membranes. Additionally, carbon steel may be coated with epoxy or replaced by more corrosion resistant alloys. The purpose of this hot topic session is to show practitioners, researchers, and students the availability of composite reinforcement that, rather than delaying the corrosion problem, totally resolves it with a material system (i.e., glass fiber reinforced polymer) that is validated, included in standards (i.e., design and materials specs) and readily available.

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