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Controlling Fresh Properties of SCC for Adequate Placement (238) (ACI Spring 2018 Convention, Salt Lake City, UT) Once a Self-Consolidating Concrete mixture is developed the recipe is created and certain performance criteria are expected on site. Some variability in fresh properties can be expected, but the goal is to minimize these variations in order to facilitate construction. When a change occurs between batches how does the producer respond? In some instances, allowable adjustments to material proportions and/or admixture dosages must be made. Who decides which adjustments to make? This presentation discusses a process by which a concrete producer can establish protocol for making adjustments in order to establish greater consistency within a project where SCC is used.

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December 14 - 20

Assessment and Repair of a Precast Parking Deck with Construction Defects
by Kyle Stanish, Klein and Hoffman

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Assessment of Concrete Prior to Rehabilitation (ACI Fall 2019 Convention, Cincinnati, OH) Unfortunately, mistakes happen. Although the design and construction process include many reviews and checks to catch them prior the structure being built, sometimes they slip through anyway. These defects may not become apparent until the structure is in services for a number of years. This presentation discusses a precast parking structure, where a defect was not discovered until it had been in service for many years. The focus is on the assessment process that was used to establish and documents the defects, and the repairs that were implemented to address them.

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