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FRP Reinforcement for Concrete Structures—Coming of Age at Last
Presented by: Antonio Nanni, University of Miami

Session details

International Session - Always Advancing Technology (ACI Fall 2022, Dallas, TX) In this session, we will discuss iconic buildings that are unique in their design and/or construction techniques. The design and construction of buildings is challenging; designing and constructing buildings with special designs adds even more challenges. We will talk about those challenges and how the project team overcame them. The discussion will include the project structure and the framework within which the development was accomplished. The session will include different levels of design, materials, and construction.

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February 13 - 19

New Winery of the Chateau Haut-Bailly
Presented by: Francois Toutlemonde, Gustave Eiffel University

Presentation details

Excellence Awards - Project Presentation (ACI Fall 2022, Dallas, TX) The renewed winery building for Haut-Bailly, a famous property in Bordeaux vineyard, should preserve the heritage of the existing buildings and combined vineyard/garden scenery of the estate. It should yet efficiently house the vinification, aging, and storage cellars. The spatial approach organizes visitors flowing around a circular vat room that allows for optimized integration of logistical movement. Landscape integration and structural efficiency were ensured with the 38 m span concrete vault which dominates this room at a height of 8.80 m, without posts, and supports a 2400 m2 hanging garden. Concrete was also selected for the thermal efficiency, enabling scenic spaces, sculptural and aesthetical effects of vats, walls and stairs, chemical compatibility with the vine preservation, leading to the highest environmental labels for the project.

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